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My name is Eileen Gordon and I am an art glass designer (and an avid Corvette fan). I have been drawn to colored glass since I was a young girl looking up at the stained glass windows in church. I took my first stained glass instruction in 1984 and have been working in that medium ever since.

Eileen Gordon

Trained in several glass techniques, I create functional & decorative pieces using two media - stained glass & fused glass. I use the copper foil method and my fused glass pieces are kiln formed 18-24 hours at temperatures of 1450+ degrees. Six years ago, I began experimenting more and more with fused glass. And today, I create functional and decorative pieces in both media. My inspiration comes from the transformation that occurs when I start with a piece of flat glass and begin adding other elements, such as frit, stringers and noodles, paint, and other pieces of glass, to create something entirely new.


Testing the limits of glass in my home-based studio excites me –  learning from my failures and successes. I especially enjoy working with customers to design and create something unique to them – like the golfing Bride & Groom I made as a wedding cake topper.

My artistic motto: If you can imagine it, I can make it in glass. Anything you want, I can create as a one of a kind glass adaptation. No two pieces will look the same as the properties of each pane of glass is different. Just contact me to get started. Let's collaborate. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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